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Are you seeing the beginnings of rooftop algae or moss causing your roof to look dingy, dirty, or downright disgusting? Our professional Roof Cleaners at JOMO understand the gravity of maintaining your roof’s cleanliness to preserve its longevity. With our 5 star service, we will strive to repeat our excellence and exceed your expectations for what clean really means. Our goal is to furnish services that will leave our customers satisfied every time they elect to do business with us. We believe that our customers deserve the best.

Why do I need my roof cleaned?

Owning your own home is a wonderful experience that quickly becomes overwhelming with maintenance that you may have seen coming, and others that were not so obvious. Regular roof washes are one task that many homeowners do not even consider until damage has been done to their rooftop, and it is too late.
You might wonder how your roof can be damaged by merely being dirty. At JOMO, our goal is to educate our customers on the impact a rooftop wash has on not only the curbside appeal of your home but also the balance of your emergency funds.
Algae is a little known enemy of the homeowner. Its presence often goes unnoticed and unchecked until the worst stages have begun to damage the roof to the point of repair or replacement.

Worst case scenario-Lichens, if this is you, call NOW.

An entrenched lichen population is a disastrous situation for your rooftop, which will require intensive and extended care from our roof cleaning experts. This is the growth stage that can cause the most extensive damage to your roof and is facilitated by long-term algae growth.

Most shingles are made of an upper layer of limestone, which the lichen attach and feed off of, therefore leaving your rooftop open to environmental and weather damage. With proper vigilance, you can avoid this stage altogether. However, if you have already reached this stage of growth on your roof, it will not be too late to address the problem, although it will be a more prolonged and more costly project.

Algae Growth – How it looks in the beginning

Brand new algae growth may be invisible in the form of spores that travel from neighboring rooftops. Suppose other homes in your neighborhood have noticeable black streaking, green growth, or lichen activity. In that case, your home may already be infected with invisible growth or apparent streaking. You may not have known what the black streaks were and may have passed them off as merely dirt or aging. However, your roof has a problem that is much more critical than a matter of cleanliness. This initial stage of growth can be removed with a single wash, and it is absolutely the best and cheapest time to remove the algae. As long as you act quickly, there should be no lasting damage to your roof, and you can simply continue with annual washing.

When Algae is a little more obvious…

Some rooftops are plagued by green mossy growth once algae are allowed to settle in their place and proliferate. Once you see any form of green growth on your roof, it’s essential to address the situation immediately. Taking a few moments to look at your rooftop is enough to see if you have a problem, and by doing this, you can avoid the expensive and daunting task of having your roof replaced or repaired. Suppose this growth stage is allowed to colonize further. In that case, eventually, roots will become established in your shingles, beginning the damage to your home’s most costly repair.

If any of these scenarios are your rooftop, do not wait until its too late. Make the call or complete our contact form today and have our specialists come out for a free quote and make a game plan to take back your roof!


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