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Metal structures like roofs, siding, garages, fences, and more are critical components of many homes. While extremely durable, metal requires regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent premature breakdown from dirt, mold, rust, and other contaminants. At JOMO Pressure Wash, we specialize in effective metal cleaning and rust removal services to keep your home's metal features looking their best.

The Importance of Metal Maintenance

Like any building material, metal needs routine care and washing to prevent problems down the road. Some key reasons to clean metal regularly include:

  • Rust prevention - Rust can quickly take hold on untreated metal, eating away at surfaces. Keeping metal clean inhibits rust formation.

  • Remove dirt/debris - Over time, pollen, leaves, bird droppings, and other grime can accumulate on metal. Washing removes these unsightly deposits.

  • Eliminate mold/mildew - Standing water and moisture enable mold and mildew growth on metal. Cleaning kills and removes these harmful organisms.

  • Improve drainage - Debris, dirt, and buildup on metal roofing can impede proper drainage, leading to interior water damage.

  • Extend metal's lifespan - Regular washing protects the integrity of metal surfaces, helping metal features last longer.

  • Enhance appearance - A freshly-cleaned metal roof, shed, or fence looks much more attractive than a dirty one.

The bottom line? Don't neglect metal cleaning and expect your home's metal structures to remain in pristine, rust-free condition. Regular washing is required.

How Rust Can Damage Your Home

One of the biggest threats to your home's metal features is rust. As metal oxidizes from moisture exposure, reddish-brown rust begins to eat away at surfaces. Left unchecked, rust can cause:

  • Corrosion holes that enable water intrusion into the interior

  • Weakening of structural stability in metal frameworks

  • Permanent staining on other exterior surfaces like siding or masonry

  • Flaking/peeling/cracking of protective paints and coatings

  • An unsightly, deteriorating appearance hurting your home's curb appeal

Cleaning rust promptly and re-protecting metal surfaces is key to avoiding thousands in repair costs down the road. JOMO Pressure Wash is here to help!

Effective Rust Removal by Soft Washing Experts

Rust stains are notoriously difficult to remove, often resulting in damage if harsh chemicals or excessive pressure is used. Our soft washing experts can safely eliminate rust stains without harming your home's exterior.

We start by using special degreasing agents to penetrate and lift rust from metal pores. Next, we gently agitate with soft-bristle brushes before rinsing away all residues with our low-pressure soft washing equipment. It's effective rust removal without surface damage.

We'll restore the like-new appearance of your metal roofing, fencing, gates, beams, and more. Your metal will emerge clean, refreshed, and rust-free after our masterful soft washing service. Contact JOMO today for a quote!

Soft Washing VS Sandblasting for Metal Cleaning

Some companies improperly utilize abrasive sandblasting in attempt to clean metal structures. While fast, sandblasting strips away the protective finish on metal, enabling future rust problems. It can also damage softer surrounding materials like wood or vinyl.

Our soft washing method is a far superior and safer solution:

  • Removes rust/tarnish without damaging the metal itself

  • Environmentally-friendly detergents used instead of toxic solvents

  • Lower pressure is safer for delicate exterior materials

  • Maintains the integrity of existing paints/coatings

  • Lifts away oils, grime, mold and mildew too

Let our soft washing experts properly care for your home's metal elements. Contact JOMO Pressure Wash today to schedule service!

Soft Wash Any Exterior Metal Surface

Our powerful soft washing techniques can expertly clean and de-rust all types of exterior metal, including:

  • Metal roofs - Remove ugly rust stains, black streaks, and restore luster

  • Wrought iron fences/railings/gates - Eliminate rust and restore intricate metalwork

  • Steel/aluminum siding - Clear away grime and oxidization safely

  • Garage doors - Remove filth, rust stains, and restore curb appeal

  • Rain gutters/downspouts - Improve drainage by clearing out debris/buildup

  • Decorative trims - Safely rejuvenate metal accents and architectural details

Don't live with dirty, rust-covered metal any longer. Our soft metal washing services will have your home's metal structures looking fresh and new again!

Let the Metal Cleaning Experts at JOMO Handle It!

Don't let your home's valuable metal features succumb to rust, mold, and mildew damage. JOMO Pressure Wash's professional soft washing experts specialize in effective, eco-friendly metal cleaning and rust removal services to keep your home looking its very best.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or free quote. We serve homeowners throughout the area. Give your home's metal surfaces the proper regular care they deserve with JOMO Soft Washing!


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