Fence Cleaning Service

Over time, all fences, whether wooden, metal, or composite, will start to show their age because of dirt and grime. Jomo Pressure Wash offers expert fence cleaning service to erase time, grime, algae, and mildew. A wooden fence, in particular, will suffer long term damages. Regular cleaning can help to preserve all fence material, so your investment lasts longer.

No matter what material they are made of, our fence washing service can bring back the charm of your fencing materials. With the techniques our pressure washing specialists use, we can expertly restore your fences (with no damage done) to a like-new condition.

It can clean and brighten fences.

We provide top-quality restoration of your fence by removing all traces of mold, algae, oil, grease, stains, weeds, and other materials that may damage your investment. Nothing is better than a beautiful fence to boost curbside appeal-except for saving tons of money on costly repairs to achieve the same.

Prepare your fence for a painting or staining project.

Pressure washing a fence before staining it will also ensure the stains are removed that could show through the stain once applied. Additionally, pressure washing before staining eliminates any debris collected in the groves and between panels, which prevents mold and fungus from growing.

Why can’t I just power wash my fence with my own pressure washer?

Of course, it seems like doing it yourself is the easiest or cheapest way. Still, when considering the potential for damage to such a costly item, it may be wise to put down the wand and pick up the phone to call in an expert instead. Power washers are an aggressive cleaning tool, as are many chemicals depending on the material of which your fence is made. Proper use of them is vital, especially when your fence’s material is wood. Overzealous, uneducated use of a power washer on the fence will clean the dirt, but it can also strip the wood. You can also profoundly erode the wood and ruin it, creating a premature repair or replacement.

Whether you need fence cleaning or another residential pressure washing service for your home, let us offer you a free estimate today! Give Jomo Pressure Wash a call for more information!


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